When Mickie Krzyzewski first met Grayson Allen on his recruiting visit Durham, she couldn't believe her eyes.

Allen looked just like her second-oldest grandson, Michael Savarino. Her husband, Mike, thought so, too.

"We've taken pictures of them together," Mickie Krzyzewski says. "They look more like brothers than Michael looks with his own brother. Right from the start, we have this tender place in our hearts for Grayson Allen — because he looks like one of my grandkids. He is very quiet. A bit shy. I think that the rush of our family onto him is a little bit shocking, because he's an only child. Boom! He's got all of us now. I think we're a bit of a shock to him. But he's an amazing kid, a great kid."

The Allen family has met Savarino now, too, and it's a bit of shock to them as well.

"Grayson and Michael do look so much alike, it was scary to me," says Sherry Allen, Grayson's mother. "We saw photos. Then, when we met Michael in person, it was even scarier."

Sherry Allen laughs. It's an amazing place to find a dopplegänger, they know — but they have apparently done just that. And Sherry herself has loved how involved the Krzyzewski extended family is with the Duke basketball program.

"It's a genuine family feeling from Coach K, Mrs. K to the daughters, to the grandkids," she says. "The grandkids are just precious. They become siblings to these players, and the daughters become big older sisters. For a parent that is releasing their child to college 450 miles away, and some of them 1000 miles away, to know that they have this extended second family that's going to look after your child just as much as you do, that is the most peaceful feeling."

Contributing: Daniel Uthman

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