CHICAGO — UCLA’s Jrue Holiday said his goal is to go No. 1 in the draft. USC’s DeMar DeRozan said he feels he can leap higher than Vince Carter. These Pac-10 freshman from L.A. are cocky enough for the Broadway stage.


Holiday, a 6-foot-4 point guard, and DeRozan, a 6-foot-7 shooting guard, have scheduled workouts with the Knicks and will be considered by the team if they are still on the board at No. 8 and the Knicks decide against Stephen Curry.

The Knicks’ No. 1 priority is grabbing a scoring point guard, and Holiday has opened a lot of eyes at the NBA Draft Combine that finished yesterday.

“I’m shooting for No. 1 to be honest,” Holiday told The Post. “I’m definitely shooting for the sky.”

The Knicks interviewed Holiday on Wednesday. “New York is the closet thing to L.A.,” Holiday said. “And I love L.A.”

With his stock rising, Holiday, realistically could go as high as 5. He played mostly shooting guard at UCLA because the Bruins had Darren Collison.

“He has so much potential, it’s scary,” Collison said.

Mark June 9 on the calendar. That’s when the Knicks will host their point-guard battle royale that could determine which player they will select.

Holiday will go against Curry, and point guards Johnny Flynn of Syracuse and UNC’s Ty Lawson, who measured 5-foot-11 at the combine and is considered a Knicks longshot.

“Why not play against the best players?” Holiday said.

Flynn of Syracuse is also champing at he bit.

“It’s definitely a great group,” Flynn said. “This year’s draft class for point guard is so deep, top to bottom. I like seeing how I’ll add up. I can’ t wait to get after them.”

Holiday is by far the biggest of the point guard group. After playing 5-foot-7½ Nate Robinson the past few years, that might be attractive.

“I definitely think it’s an advantage,” Holiday said. “I’m a big point guard, I can post up little guards. I can rebound and I can see the rim. On defense they have to get by me. I have a long wingspan. It’s definitely harder to see over me.”

Mike D’Antoni sees the upside in Holiday.

“He was smooth and uses some of his point guard skills,” D’Antoni said. “We’ll get a better handle when he comes to New York. He shoots nicely and looked real fast, like he had another gear he can go to.”

The super-athletic DeRozan is also on the Nets’ radar at 11.

“A lot of people think I can jump higher than Vince Carter,” DeRozan said. “Now I get a chance to step in and see if people will still compare me to Vince.”

Though Curry still is the favorite, Holiday, DeRozan, Flynn and even Duke shooting guard Gerald Henderson, who emerged in Chicago onto the Knicks’ radar, are still in the mix.

“There’s a lot of talk about Curry and we should talk about him, but it’s really not true we’re locked in on him,” D’Antoni said. “He’s not the only guy. There’s four, five we really have to evaluate.”


Brooklyn’s Taj Gibson, a power forward from USC, said teams have told him he’ll likely go late first round. . . . Wake Forest PF James Johnson said he’ll work out for the Nets and Knicks.

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