Intrigued Fredette looks to impress Knicks at workout

Odds are BYU superstar point guard Jimmer Fredette does not fall to the Knicks at No. 17 in the NBA draft on June 23. But stranger things have happened, and the Glens Falls sharpshooter said he is eager to work out for the Knicks today at their Westchester facility, a believer in coach Mike D’Antoni’s speedball system and a fan of the orange-and-blue since his upstate boyhood.

If he does drop, it will be because of major concerns about Fredette’s defense. Fredette, the NCAA National Player of the Year, averaged a sensational 28.9 points his senior year. The Knicks have been hot on his tail since last May when he was a diamond in the rough. The Knicks worked him out before the then unheralded Fredette decided to go back for his senior year.

“I wouldn’t be in this position today if I came out my junior year,” Fredette told The Post during the Chicago pre-draft camp two weeks ago. “Everything went exactly as planned. I know if I came back [to school], I’d have to have a great year, a better year than my junior year. A lot of people thought I couldn’t do it. I had a very good season. Our team had a very good season and we had a lot of national publicity.”

But with publicity comes scrutiny. Can Fredette defend quick point guards on this level? He has been projected anywhere from mid-lottery to 17, where the Knicks wait.

“Defense is a mindset,” Fredette said. “I have the ability to do it. Everybody has the ability to do it, if they put their mind to it. That’s a big key of mine going to the next level.”

Fredette won’t be insulted if he falls to 17. As The Post reported, he said he cares more about being the right fit for the club that drafts him — and the Knicks fit the bill.

“Being able to get up and down the court, that’s what we did at BYU,” Fredette said. “That’s how I feel comfortable playing. Obviously, being from New York and liking the Knicks growing up, we’ll see.”

Fredette worked out for the Pacers this week. They select 15th. One belief is the Jazz can’t possibly pass on Fredette with the 12th pick — their second first-rounder of the draft. Nevertheless, if Utah selects a point guard with the third pick, such as Brandon Knight, they likely will pass on Fredette.

The Knicks loved him last spring, though his workout was cut short by a quad strain. They begged him to stay in the draft, but Fredette said he needed a first-round guarantee. The Knicks didn’t have a first-round pick and couldn’t guarantee they could trade up.

Fredette said his idols growing up were Utah’s John Stockton and Phoenix’ Steve Nash. No shocker there.

“When I was a young boy, I watched John Stockton a lot,” Fredette said. “I used to love watching the Jazz and him. He was such a mentally tough guy and I really looked up to him.

“In today’s game, [Nets guard] Deron Williams, he has a great crossover, someone I try to emulate into my game,” he said. “And guys like Nash being able to get in the lane and shoot those quirky shots over the big guys off the wrong foot. It’s something I try to emulate in my game.”

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