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Q&A: Team Final SF Mikal Bridges

By Alec Kinsky, D1 Circuit, 07/05/13, 2:00PM EDT


Player: Mikal Bridges

Position: Small Forward

EYBL Team: Team Final

High School Team: Great Valley

2013 stats: 10.7 PPG, 5.4 RPG, 1.2 SPG

College committed: Villanova


On June 25th, Mikal Bridges gave a verbal commitment to Jay Wright and the Villanova Wildcats. His decision marked the end to a rapid rise for Bridges, who was relatively under the radar before the EYBL season started. I recently had the chance to sit down with Mikal to discuss the rigors of the EYBL, his time on Team Final and what he looks to improve on heading into his senior year.


Q. What is it like following in the footsteps of the talent on Team Final?


A. It’s an honor. It’s an honor, playing after people playing in the NBA, that are good right now. It’s good to play behind them.


Q. Biggest adjustment from high school to the EYBL?


A. You gotta go up even stronger. These  guys are bigger, stronger, older. Its just...they have a lot of talent. You gotta make sure you go up strong against them and get the foul. Play hard, even harder than in high school. Even though you play hard in high school. You gotta play harder. If you don’t do the small things in high school, you gotta make sure to do the small things here. You have to make sure you do everything to play good here.


Q. How is winning in the EYBL different than high school?


A. You just gotta play as a team. Get wins. Just like how we went 4-1 this weekend. We played as a team and we won.


Q. Strongest aspect of your game?


A. Finishing at the rim. Shooting is coming along. That’s my two strongest for sure.


Q. Moving into your senior year, what do you want to improve on?


A. Improve on? I’ve been improving mostly ball-handling. I have to improve on everything, mainly ball-handling though.


Q. Toughest player to guard on the circuit so far?


A. (laughs) That’s tough. Probably Stanley Johnson. He’s big. He is BIG.


Q. Compare yourself to any current or former NBA player?


A. I think Kevin Durant. That’s my favorite player and I base my game off him. I like how he plays.


Follow Mikal on twitter: @mikalbridges

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